Name Description Value
SKIN_DEFAULT Default skin used by web interface (?)
CSS_DEFAULT Default set of css files used by web interface (?)  classic  dark  flat
LANG_DEFAULT Default language used by web interface (?)
OPT_USE_AUTH Authenticate user logins to ZoneMinder (?)
AUTH_TYPE What is used to authenticate ZoneMinder users (?)  builtin  remote
AUTH_RELAY Method used to relay authentication information (?)  hashed  plain  none
AUTH_HASH_SECRET Secret for encoding hashed authentication information (?)
AUTH_HASH_IPS Include IP addresses in the authentication hash (?)
AUTH_HASH_LOGINS Allow login by authentication hash (?)
ENABLE_CSRF_MAGIC Enable csrf-magic library (?)
OPT_USE_API Enable ZoneMinder APIs (?)
OPT_USE_GOOG_RECAPTCHA Add Google reCaptcha to login page (?)
OPT_GOOG_RECAPTCHA_SITEKEY Your recaptcha site-key (?)
OPT_GOOG_RECAPTCHA_SECRETKEY Your recaptcha secret-key (?)
OPT_FAST_DELETE Delete only event database records for speed (?)
FILTER_RELOAD_DELAY How often (in seconds) filters are reloaded in zmfilter (?)
FILTER_EXECUTE_INTERVAL How often (in seconds) to run automatic saved filters (?)
MAX_RESTART_DELAY Maximum delay (in seconds) for daemon restart attempts. (?)
WATCH_CHECK_INTERVAL How often to check the capture daemons have not locked up (?)
WATCH_MAX_DELAY The maximum delay allowed since the last captured image (?)
RUN_AUDIT Run zmaudit to check data consistency (?)
AUDIT_CHECK_INTERVAL How often to check database and filesystem consistency (?)
AUDIT_MIN_AGE The minimum age in seconds event data must be in order to be deleted. (?)
OPT_FRAME_SERVER Should analysis farm out the writing of images to disk (?)
FRAME_SOCKET_SIZE Specify the frame server socket buffer size if non-standard (?)
OPT_CONTROL Support controllable (e.g. PTZ) cameras (?)
OPT_TRIGGERS Interface external event triggers via socket or device files (?)
CHECK_FOR_UPDATES Check with for updated versions (?)
TELEMETRY_DATA Send usage information to ZoneMinder (?)
UPDATE_CHECK_PROXY Proxy url if required to access (?)
SHM_KEY Shared memory root key to use (?)